Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Update

So i know everyone loves to hears about my boob problems, but i thought i would give an update. my doc gave me an antibiotic and told me to take Ibuprofen and lortab for the pain. it worked great for like 3 days and then it hit again, this time higher up on my boob. yes, this meant more tears of pain came flowing!!! along with a few choice words that i won't mention. My doc sent me to the er to get a shot of a stronger antibiotic. So they shot me up in one leg and sent me on my way. the next morning all i got was more pain in the boob and now i have sore leg...fantastic!!! so of course i have to go back to the er the next day for another shot in other other leg. Wonderful!!! one sore boob and 2 sore legs, oh did i mention that Laker now has a bad cold with a fever that makes him radiate heat???? sick kids are so fun!!! but good news is this time the shot worked, my boob does not hurt AS bad, still a little sore and i am no longer walking like i am 90! The outcome gave me a bad case of lopsided boobs every time i need to feed, so now i am just waiting to dry up. The devil boob only gives about 1/2 oz of milk while the other gives like 4!!! can you get a mental picture of me when my milk drops.....pretty i know and we leave tomorrow for a week for the Mortensen family reunion. It will be one interesting week as far as feeding goes since i am only pumping. At least i am no longer delirious!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh...did I mention.....

So on top of having all the nursing issues, i woke up saturday morning with extreme pain in my right boob, the one boob that has been a champ - no soreness in the nipple- I thought it had to do with the Reglan I have been taking since it is supposed to increase my milk supply. I did all the things you would do to treat engorgement and nothing helped. Well, after attempting to nurse Oakley and about 15 minutes of both of us bawling.....I called my doc and my lactation specialist, the conclusion......I have mastitis!!!! Life just is not fair I tell ya!

I thought natural labor was painful, well i lied! This is a pain that i wish on no one! and for those of you that have experienced it, you know what i mean. And to make matters worse, steve was gone all day for a golf tourney up in Heber, it just happened to be called "the longest day" tourney. So my poor mom had to come down and take care of me and the kids till he got home. What would i do without her!!!!

So, now that my milk supply is low do to going off the Relgan and both boobs are sore for different reasons, i really have no clue what to do about this whole feeding situation.......I really want to stick it out as long as possible, but come many people purposely torture themselves and for how long?????

Friday, June 19, 2009

Breast feeding Vs. Formula I am looking for advice on this. Oakley is now 3 weeks old and in these 3 weeks we have seen our lactation specialist 4 times!!! I am pumping right now and am getting around 5-7 oz per session.

The problem: Well first of all, i have the sorest nipples ever!!! she is a great sucker which brought on the problem and now i am paying for it. then on top of it I am having a "let down" disconnect. She can nurse for 40 min and then still suck down 3 oz of pumped milk. My doc put me on Regalon to help with the let down, but i am still having to give her a little extra after i nurse her. I think so far, we have had maybe 3 or 4 successful nursing sessions where she is completely satisfied and zonks out. Now we are starting to get the colic symptoms.

So my question is: how long should one endure 1- pumping and nursing and sore nipples and 2- the fussy baby that may be brought on by colic? i don't know if it is worth the pain and frustration of doing this or if i should switch to formula or every other feeding use formula?

With my first - he was a horrible baby because of this very problem, only i had no clue. i lasted 5 months with nursing and did i mention they were hell??? once he was on formula he was the best baby ever. Don't get me wrong, Oakley is leaps and bounds better than laker was but i was able to get help a lot sooner with nursing with her. i just don't know if i should make the switch now and save myself the agony....

any advice or input would help!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Monkey #2

Sorry for the delay...we have been a little busy! So here is a little documentary of the delivery....My doc was going out of town so he induced me that friday. We got to the hospital at 2, they broke my water and got me started at 3:45. Oakley was born at 6:45!! super fast. Here is what happened in soon as the drugs started i was immediately having contractions. My doc had to run back and forth between Jordan Valley and Alta View. He checked me when I was about a 4 and then took off to Jordan Valley. In the hour he was gone i went from a 4 to COMPLETE!!!! I was having double-decker contractions that cause me to dilate that fast in like 10 minutes. So needless to say, I was complete for 20 minutes!!!! My doctor was racing to get back. the nurse did not realize we were still on speaker phone with my doc so he heard me go through the contractions and trying NOT to push. I was about to pass out because lets face it....the pain of natural child birth is a bitch! Once my doctor arrived I pushed for 5 minutes and little Oakley was out! Steve was awsome and a great coach and I had the best nurses and doc. I am just glad she is out!

Life with two so far has been pretty easy. This little girl just eats and sleeps all day and she already has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Laker is really good with her too. We have not had any poking of the eyes and face yet but he loves giving her kisses.