Monday, November 12, 2007

6 Things You Don't Know About Me....

So Annalisa, one of my good friends was telling me about this "6 Things You Don't Know" game and she put it on her blog. It is hilarious and she told me that I had to do the same, the catch is the six things can't be lame. So here they are in no particular order....

1. I secretly want to be a CSI - Crime Scene Investigator - Thanks to CSI:Las Vegas

2. My parents live by Hidden Valley Country Club so their backyard has lots of trees, like a mini forest. The windows in the basement never had blinds on them and when it gets dark, you can see in from outside, but not out from inside. When I was little I was sure that there was some one out there ready to get me and when I would go upstairs I would run as fast as I could because I was sure he was right behind me at the bottom of the stairs. Now that I am 24, I still think there is a guy at the bottom of the staris everytime I go up!

3. I had star stickers on my ceiling that spelled out the names of the boys I liked in middle school. I had to read them every night before I went to bed. Just to ensure that if I looked at them, they would for sure like me too!

4. I have been pulled over twice in my life, both times for speeding (like 8 over). Once on Memorial Day and the other on Labor Day, of the same year, on the same road - one in each direction, by the same cop. I thought for sure I could talk my way out of a ticket, but when he came to my window, I said, " I know, I know..." gave him my license and registration and recieved a ticket - both times. I could not cry my way out of it! No tears!!!!

5. I worked for an eye doctor for 2 weeks. I got new contacts for cheap and then quit.

5.5. I will time myself when I do a Suduko puzzle and then try to beat it on the next one. Steve calls me a major nerd for that, but I love it!

6. If I had no morals and values I would be a hard core coffee drinker. Not coffee straight up, but like live at Star Bucks and indulge on all the magical goodness they create! No smoking or drinking, just the coffee.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Air Time

Laker loves being thrown in the air by his dad! You know, quality time.....

BYU - TCU Game

What a view!!!! I mean what a game!!! Steve's family has a Loge at Lavell Edwards Stadium and let me tell you, this is the only way to watch a game. All the food you can eat and best of all, 3rd Quarter Ice Cream, made to order and did I mention exceptional parking!!!! We'll be back at the Loge to enjoy the BYU - Utah Game on the 24th. That is going to be a blast!! Thanks for the good times Mom and Dad!

Monday, November 5, 2007

For Sale

Well....we have decided it is time to uproot our little family and head to a new town. Lehi....that is. In 2005 we built our first house in Eagle Mountain. What a place!!! We love it out here - the summers are awsome and we have family right down the street. But as Steve's company is growing, that means that our family too will be growing. NO we are not announcing anything, but that time will come and we want to be in a home that we can grow in to.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Laker was dressed up like a horse this year. Later that night Steve got the lucky job of staying home and "manning" down the fort while providing treats for the "trick or treaters". Laker and I went to the family Halloween party at Aunt Jo's house out at Daybreak. I dressed up like a horse rider and took Laker around the neighborhood with all his cousins!! For his fisrt Halloween, the kid amde a haul!!!!