Monday, April 27, 2009

Cold Turkey

So to fix the Poo Nap problem what did i do??????? I duct taped his diaper!! and it totally worked. I have to say that I think it might have been a sign to start potty training...again. I have been playing with Laker about the potty and he went about a month ago on his little toilet but nothing since.

shock #1
Today, while i was going to the bathroom, laker opened the door and took his shorts and diaper off and said "Pee pee mommy", so naturally i put him on the toilet. He went 3 times today without question, and actually pooped in the toilet right before bedtime. Everyone has been telling me to wait to potty train him till after the baby comes, but my cute sister-in-law, Tammy, who is a pro at this said just do it anyways. (she should know, she has 5 kids)

shock #2-
Sunday night as Steve and i were putting Laker to be asked me when we were going to move him into the twin bed. Lakers room won't be ready for another week or so, we have to put doors on our office and make that his room until we finish the basement, so his bed has been on the floor in there collecting toys. So what did we do, drag the mattress into his room next to the crib and put him to bed. To our surprise, he only got out of bed once. Steve gave him a pep talk and we never heard another peep. Today i was a little nervous about the new bed at nap time because, for those who know, Laker takes a 3-4 hour nap everyday and i have been dreading this change and the effect it may have on his nap. Well i put him down and the normal time, and he only tired to get out once! I gave him a pep talk, hoping it was as good as Steve's and sent him to bed. He slept till 5:15! Now, for night number 2.......not one pep!!!

I have been dreading these to things because baby "O" will be here in 4-6 weeks and i figured i would deal with it then, but i guess cold turkey works for some kids!

Mrs. Utah Pagent

So Steve and i went to the Mrs. Utah Pagent saturday night because Steve's oldest sister was one of the contestants. She did not win, but she was 2nd runner up!!! Not too shabby and she won the title of best in physical fitness and swim suit. Did i mention that his sister was the oldest contestant and let me tell you ...she rocked it!!! Go Carol , she is the one on the far right.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poo Nap #2

OK- he did it again!!! This time his room was bombarded with turds!!! I put him down for a later nap because we played at Farm Country all afternoon...thinking he would for sure be worn out. WRONG!!! I thought I heard him playing in his crib around 5 so I snuck in to find him dead asleep with nothing but his blanket and a bare bottom. When he actually woke up i had to search his room for the diaper and turds. So my questions do you get this fun little trick to stop???? Any advice? Luckily he is not playing in it, he just takes it off and chucks it outside the crib. Yet he still leave smears on the sheets along with the pee....YUCK!!! I got to get this nipped soon, i have baby #2 coming soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I thought MY child would never do this....

You hear horror stories about toddlers and their "little" antics like coloring on the walls with markers or crayons, putting rocks in the washer or dumping detergent all over the carpet. Well my child finally had a moment. This past weekend Laker had the croup, so by monday he was pretty much dead to the world. Well today we had a good day - minus the neon green boogers and cough, but at least we did not have to watch Barney for 4 hours STRAIGHT!!! I put Laker down for his nap around 4:00 i could hear laughter and banging coming from his room, so naturally I went to get him out of his crib only to find all of his blankets, toys and pillows thrown out of his crib piled on top of his humidifier. But that is not the worst.....I noticed a strong poop smell and as I looked around his room I found a poopy (runny from being sick) diaper laying on the floor - Laker only had his t-shirt on - sheets covered in poop as well as his hands and feet. But to my surprise, there was nothing on the walls!!! the kicker for me was when i realized what he had done, all he said.....with a huge grin on his face was, "I didi It!!" i could not help but laugh and think, it could have been MUCH worse!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter, Haircuts and Chemo

Here is a little update on us:
Laker and I went up to my cousin's house for an Easter Egg hunt, it was crazy but fun!!! as you can see.....this is the pre hunt stuffing of the eggs

Laker had a hunt on Easter Morning, he filled his shopping cart with all the booty! After church we went up to the Country Club for dinner and a visit from the Easter Bunny. It was nice because we were able to have Steve's parents join my family for dinner. My parents gave Laker a wagon that my brother put you can see the front wheels are on backwards, hey, but who really cares, it moves and thats all Laker needs.

It was time for the "summer do". I got sick of looking at Lakers long hair so Steve gave him the buzz cut, which I love!!! Steve always starts in the middle of his head making him look like an old man!!! it is soo funny! Oh and here is my 32 week belly, great huh!

this is the nightly ritual, jammies, buba and hitting balls with dad either on the course or in the back yard. My favorite is the boots!

I also got to go with my mom to her 3rd Chemo treatment. She only has 5 left before they do radiation and surgery. It was good to see what actaully happens, i am amazed by all the drugs she has to take. she has a small pharmacy on her countertop at home. Each chemo visit for now is like $8500!!! When she is all done they give her a shot to help boost her white blood cells that cost $6000!! yikes, thank goodness for insurance.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It finally Hit Our Family.....

So for those of you who don't already know, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. The cancer she has is weird in the sense that, they were not able to find the cancer in her breast , but are treating it as if it were breast cancer. she had found a lump in her armpit 6 months ago and had it drained. But once it came back the doctors took a biopsy of it and sure enough it was cancerous. The crazy thing is, is this is where the cancer had manifested itself, but not necessarily were the caner is, so she had to do tons of testing, body scans and other procedures to figure out where was stemming from.

They were able to rule out lung, bone and other spots, but because of the situation her treatment consists of Chemo, Radiation and Surgery. She has had 2 rounds of chemo, (only 6 left) and yes, she has already started losing her hair. But for those of you who know my mom, she is a real trooper! When she was diagnosed and given treatment options all she could say was, "I don't have time for this cancer business!" She has a website that allows those who want to check up on her to do so, so please, pay her a visit and remember.....she is a tough cookie!!!!!

This picture was taken last sunday, she was so nervous that Laker would not like her with short hair, but of course she was wrong!!!! Laker loves in Nana
This is during one of her Chemo treatments...she is soo cute!