Monday, November 10, 2008

Some People Never Learn.....

Today I had quite the "lesson" of my life. I had planned all day to make spaghetti, i had gotten my mom's recipe-which is soooo good!- Laker and I went to the store, bought all our groceries and diligently headed home. I thought that while Laker is down for his nap i would get things started. He sleeps from 1:30 to 5ish so I though about 4:30 i would get everything going so I did not have to wrestle with him while i made dinner, plus Steve was going to lift after work so the timing would be perfect!

A side note to the story....i promise this come into play....Last night we went to my parents house for dinner and my mom had a bunch of stuff for me to take home. this was not just any stuff, she had cleaned out my old closet and found bag fulls of notes and memorabilia from high school. I could not believe all the stuff she had. So of course it was all sent home with me but there was one item of curiosity....i had a box with 2 locks on it. my mom said she could not find the keys to it so there must be good stuff inside!

So back to the my spaghetti simmered away on the stove I pulled out all my "treasures". By this time Laker was up and steve was one his way home. i had to laugh at all the things I had. I had a tub full of high school dance pictures, souvenirs from past boyfriends...if you can call them that and fun things I had done. Among these things were a set of small keys....which opened my locked box. Once I got it open i could not help but laugh!!! All that was in there was letters from my friends from Oregon ( we used to live there) some horse pictures and random things I had collected when i was little. no juicy love notes, pictures or anything!!!!! Why the heck was it locked, there was more dirt on me in the tub of my journal that i wrote in all the time about the boys i liked! yikes!

Just then Steve got home, i showed him my treasures and then started to boil a big pot of water for the noodles. As it was boiling I had to call my mom and tell her what i had found in the locked box, i knew she would get a huge kick out of it. While i was standing over the stove, talking to her, not really paying attention that is when it camisole i was wearing over a shirt caught on fire!!! I had flames crawling up the front of me. I screamed and ripped the shirt i was wearing like i was the incredible hulk! I don't know where it came from but i dropped the phone, while screaming and ripped my shirt off and threw it to the ground. I had to smother it because it was still burning! I could not believe it! My mom was still on the phone while this was happening and wondered what all the screaming was about. When i told her she was shocked. the funny thing is that i did not feel a thing, my hair did not even get in the way which was weird since it was hanging in my face at the time. The shirt i had on under the tank now has brown burn makes from the fire! Where was Steve, some of you may ask? in the would have been nice to have an extra set of hands to put out that small fire...on my body! When i told him what happend he said, " it was time for that shirt to go!"

So yo wonder....what is the lesson learned? Well earlier today on the Today show they did a segment about the most dangerous thing in your kitchen is your burners.....and that if yo have gas, you need to keep an extinguisher on hand just incase of this very instance. While i was watching it I though to myself, what kind of idiot is dumb enough to catch themselves on fire......... well, i can now join that club!

My camisole that is no longer.....

Me at the "scene" after the incident You csn see that my shirt underneath was burned as well

Laker acknowledging that his mom is a goofball

Monday, November 3, 2008

1 2 3 and BABY makes 4!!!!!

Well for those of you who don't know yet, Steve and I are expecting baby #2. My due date is June 5th and i bet you anything it will come on the 1st. that is what happened with Laker and this will make them exactly 2 1/2 years apart! We are really excited but as we found, the excitement with #2 lasts for like 5 seconds for everyone around you. For the time we told family they were either expecting it or had a feeling I was already excitement there. When we went to our doc appointment they did not even want to see me until 10 weeks, with laker it was at 6. the doc came in, did the ultrasound said his congrats and said we will follow my chart with print out of the baby, no words of advise...just a pat on the back, pee in a cup and get my blood drawn. It is amazing how the first and the second differ.. For anyone who really cares, i feel like *&%! but thank goodness for B6 and Unisom!! I was put right on the strong stuff when the sickness hit and it only made it worse so i resorted back to the store bought meds...and they work great!

Here are some pics of what we have been up too!