Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I promise we are not dead!!!!!

So the last 30 days have been crazy!!! We went to Deer Valley, bought a house then took off to Zions, Steve turned 29!!!! and then moved in when we got back. Now when i say we, I really mean me!!! Steve had his guys do all the heavy lifting and getting furniture in the right rooms, but as for everything else....that was me!! Steve lucked out and had his "brother's retreat" the same week we moved in. All 8 of the Mortensen boys plus the Silver Fox spent 5 joyous days together golfing, swimming, playing cards, watching football games and doing what brothers and father do best!!!

We go to Deer Valley every summer with my dad's side of the family. We all stay in a huge house, thanks to g-pa and g-ma Machin, play games and cause a little mischief!

The girls always get the toes done...the boys get to golf

The Alpine slide....

The front 9 at Park City Golf Course

The grandkids eating breakfast

An attempt at a family photo...what nerds!

My parents, us and brady and Jenna

Steve and Steve being goofy with the kids

Steve giving us a beautiful number!!!! Every year is something new. One year Corby took a picture of his butt with my mom's camera. it was soo funny when she found it later on!

Then off to Zions with our good friends Clayton and Annalisa. She has all the good pics, but here are a few to give you an idea of how it went down. Steve and Clayton become 12 year old boys when they are together. They swam, golfed and practiced for the next summer tricks off the diving board. The little boys played and napped and Annalisa and I relaxed....the best we could. and best of all Steve turned year away from 30, yikes!!!

Our 12 year old husbands

Little boys jumping on the bed

Laker wondering where is poolside service is....

Little boys demanding their dinner

Clayton and the gainer...poor Steve, it took him a whole day to figure it out, but don't worry, he did it before we left.

Steve playing flag football in Provo with all his friends

As for the house, I will have pics this weekend. i have been hunting for furniture for the house and it will be delivered on Friday!!!! Once everything is in place, I'll post some pics!!