Monday, December 14, 2009

Catch up from Oct...because all my pictures are still on my camera

So this is what we have been up to since October.....i know, i already know that i am the worst blogger ever, and so do my 2 faithful followers!!!!

i love this pic because Laker really wants to be just like his dad...undees and all!

Laker and Ocean hanging out
Picking out our pumpkins which we never got around to carving...i know parents of the year!!!

Steve and i went as Popeye and Olive Oyl to our neighborhood party, and Laker was a dragon while Oaks was a unicorn!

At the friend halloween party Steve and i went as "Octo-mom" and paparazzi.... as you can see thekids were not the only ones having fun!

So back in november one of steve's workers had his son with him doing some work, and i thought...hey just leave him here with Laker and i and they can just play while you work. Great idea right...did i mention i don't speak a lick of spanish and he speaks ZERO english. No big deal, he and laker seemed to be ale to communicate, but what happens when you get 2 kids that think they can talk to each other....well look for your self. this happened in a matter of 15 minutes!!!!

So i promise to get my camera cleared off so i can be "current" on our life.......

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Chatter Box Dec 3rd 4-9pm

Here is (I think) the last boutique we will be at for this year. Come and see us, we will have Car Seat Covers, Nursing Covers, Changing Pads and Pillow Case Dresses.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh Sweet Sadie

So some how, i think by miracle, the crabby apple (my little company) got into the Oh Sweet Sadie show out at soda row in daybreak this week. it starts wednesday and runs through sat! how awesome!!!! granted we literally have had 1.5 days to pull everything together. I sent the owners of the show an email saturday night seeing if they had any openings, figuring NOT because the show was the next week. i really was just trying to make contact to see how we could be vendors in the upcoming spring shows and to my surprise we got in. Some come check us out or simply come by and say hi!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The drama continues......

for those of you who read my post below, here is his response:

"Walmart carries several very nice Brother machines that are more in the price range you are looking for. Those are brand new also, not used, with a warranty too. Best of luck."

My response: (which, now that i think about it i should have just left it at his response, but still, what a jerk!!!!)

"no, good luck to you. I actually don't mind paying $500 for it, but you have to expect people to low ball you when you place things for sale on KSL. But the way you handled it was rude, so I am gonna take my cash and drop it in a store that sells your same used machine that has been serviced by professionals and know that I will be treated with respect. "

his response:

"I wouldn't have sold my Bernina sewing machine to you no matter what price you offered. You low balled too low and got treated like the cheapskate that you are. You just got a little taste of what you deserve and evidently didn't like it. Oh well, the truth hurts sometimes. Just admit that you're going to buy the SewPro for $40 from Walmart this weekend and sew away to your little heart's content making costumes for your pet dog or whatever silly crap that you have in mind to sew. "

(Ouch by the way!!!!! Do you think this guy is just mad at life or what????)

my final response:

"Thanks for the insight, i just hope you don't treat everyone that makes you an offer you don't like this way. Its just a price game, one you did not want to play, which is fine, but not everyone has thick skin. Good luck and its been interesting chatting with you."

his final response....

"I'm sure that you have very thick skin based on the limited correspondence that we've had. How thick is a hippo's skin btw? Your e-mail has been added to my spam blocker list. Good luck with your low ballin'."

Man i am gonna miss this guy! if anyone wants his email to pay their respects, let me know!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Who are these people!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so i know i have been MIA, but i have good reason (for my 2 followers.....) I have been sewing up a storm. I decided to be in a boutique with my carseat covers, nursing covers, changing pads and pillowcase dresses. there were some serious all nighters pulled, i am a talking till 4 in the get everything done. Which runs today and tomorrow. the address is 32 W Main Street in AF, and all i can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!so to my point. My awesome friend carrie also loves to sew and quilt and she told me there was a Bernina sewing machine just like hers on KLS for like $515 bucks, so of course i jumped on it. I sent the guy an email asking if he would take $400 cash. Now keep in mind, this is KSL,no one gets what they are asking, so of course you offer something that maybe they would consider. the guy emails me back and all it said was, "no thanks". So i left it like that. A few days later he has relisted the machine, same price. So i sent him another email. All i said was this, "I saw that you relisted your machine, would you still consider $400 in cash?". Here is his glorious response, keep in mind this is a dude.....

"You should stick with Brother or even a SewPro sewing machine, Walmart has a great deal on a SewPro sewing machine for under $40.00. Here's the link to that sewing machine for reference: Bernina sewing machines aren't really for people like you I think.


What an ASS!!!!!! there I said it, but i feel better venting to my blog and my awesome husband who had a few choice words for him! For all he knows i could have been a sweet old lady looking for a new machine. I mean my blood was boiling!!!!! hey, I am no expert at sewing, i taught myself....on a $150 Euro Pro, but i think i have graduated from my machine, we have had a glorious year together but i have learned all i can from her......i had a beautiful email written to just blast this jerk but i decided to take the high road, partly because i really need this machine, but still, the high road right????.......this was my respone:

"a simple "no thanks" would have done. If you still cant sell it at $515 I am willing to pay cash if you lower the price a bit. "

I cant wait for his response!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steve is asleep so ......

i guess i need to update my blog. Laker started pre school in the end of august and he loves it! We have been going to farm country at thanksgiving point quite a bit because he loves the pony ride. The kid breaks the bank cause he wont get off! its a dollar a i decided to take him to the barn and ride to his hearts content!!! we have been a few times and thanks to good old Sunchaser i don't have to walk around with him. Bless her heart, she just walks around the arena, nice and slow and he has a ball! i have also picked up a new "project"...this is my yearling that i am breaking! i am so excited about it. she is such a good girl already. Laker walks with me to her paddock and helps me bring her in to play with her. Come next spring i will put a first ride on her and then its time to grow up during the summer before i really start her training!

oakley is getting so big, where has the time gone??? she is already 3 1/2 months old. i forget how fast they grow, they are not newborns for very long. She is doing awesome, she loves her brother, it is so fun to watch them interact! oh did i mention laker loves being in his "nunees and boots"..

oh, steve has rediscovered guitar hero, he was supposed to be watching the baby and i found them like this...he is playing and she is watching!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I promise we are not dead!!!!!

So I am a slacker for not posting with a new baby, but hey summer is for enjoying, not blogging every night???? that is my excuse, so i have done my best to update you over the past 2 months, there is a lot! Monday my cute Cousin got married and had quite the party to celebrate. They got married at Rice Eccles Stadium and then had a dinner and reception covering all 4 floors! It was great and the food was fantastic. His mom catered my wedding and so I felt i got to eat all the food i missed at mine, and boy did i ever!!! Can i just say shrimp cocktail, prime rib and turkey and of course the crape station!!! i waited 7 years to get that day back!!!! (For those of you who don't know, i hardly got to eat any food at my wedding and all i wanted was a crape)

Oakley on the other hand has been such a good baby! she is a good eater and sleeper and yes, she sleeps thru the night! She is so mellow and just goes with the flow. she is 2 1/2 months old, i cant believe it. each day she does something new. i forget how fast they grow, i think i was expecting her to stay "newbornish" longer. I love this age though...they are stronger with their heads and smile and make cute noises! Laker is the best big brother. He love to give her kisses and when she is napping he always tells me, "Shhh mommy, baby Oaky is sleeping" and he is soo serious!! I love it! So here is my catch up, i should be working on my etsy stuff, but that will have to wait! Enjoy!!

Swim Lessons and Rancho Relaxo 09

Laker and I have done Mom and Tot swim classes for the past 2 years, so it was fitting that we finish out his last year of swim lessons with mom at the Scera Pool. It was so fun, it was 2 weeks long and he loved every second of it. Every morning he would get dressed in MY swimming suit and come running our shout "swim pool swim pool!"...i had to edit the photos because my suit did not cover his goods .. I have to thanks my good friend Jeanine and her cute little girl Berlin for sitting with Oakley while we swam, it made things a lot easier! Laker loved to wear his undees out after swim class! We also spent this past weekend up at our friends Ranch up in Heber. It was soo much fun, we rode 4 wheelers,played on the slip'n'slide, played cards, night games and laughed soo hard it hurt. These guys were nuts! when the women and children went to bed i can only imagine what went on......lets just say they all woke up embarrassed each morning due to the early morning festivities.....We also celebrated our 7th anniversary while we were there, nothing special, but good time to be had by all!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!! and Oakley's Blessing

Oakley has been know as a party foul in our family....she was born on my brother's birthday, when we called him this is what he said, "Great, not only is there another grandkid to steal my thunder, but she had to be born on my birthday, the one day that I get to shine!" It was soo funny!! So in keeping with her thunder stealing my birthday just happen to fall on the first Sunday of the month and yes, we blessed her! but what a fun day and it will be something that I will always remember. Oh, and Steve totally came through for my B-day, he got me the most fabulous B Makowsky bag ever!!! He has great taste, or should I say the staff and Nordstrom has great taste!!! Thanks Beave!!! p.s. notice laker holding himself in the pic below. this is a common occurrence in our house, but hey ia m not changing any diapers!!!! hip hip horay!