Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anika Tagged Me Again!!!!

Ok, so here is my latest tag. At least I am not doing it at midnight!

10 years ago.....I was in middle school going through my awkward big nose, braces phase.

5 Things on my "To Do" list today....clean the house, go to the post office, go to the grocery store, take an "afternoon ciesta" while Laker got his, make dinner and dessert for tonight....when you have kids, forget about Valentine's Day!

Snacks I enjoy.... Lindt white chocolate, apples, thin triscuts with cheese, chocolate milk before bed and Sprite with a lime!

What would I do if i was suddenly a a house on lots of land...well a horse farm, pay off all my family and friends houses, buy/start a company, travel with my little family and invest the rest to live off the spoils!!!

5 Bad Habits....twirl my hair, tell steve the same story over and over again ( i can never remember telling him in the first place...), compulsive cleaner (is that really a bad habit????), always have to have a fridge full of milk and veggies and leaving the laundry in the basket when it is clean hoping steve might put it away...that never happens!

5 Jobs i have had.....rode horses for sandi tillotson..loved it! Thanksgiving Point-registar girl, teller at Zions Bank, eye doctor's for like 2 weeks and back to basics. But here is what i did at back to basics during my 4 years: Customer Service (6 months), Admin Assistant for Product Management (the bulk of my time there), coordinated trade shows, graphic design assistant, then moved to the planning and purchasing department and then ended up at back to basic's d.c. routing trucks for all orders. i did routing while i was pregnant. My work load for the week would be around 4 hours but i was salaried!!! We played all day and got paid for it! It was awesome!

5 Things you don't know about me....I already did this one so i'll try to figure out 5 more things....i have a major crush on pro skater rob dyrdek, if only.... i can only drink milk from winder dairy, everything else is just gross! I won the award for the best D.A.R.E. essay in both 5th and 6th grade, wow steve does not even know this, i'll never hear the end. I love watching American Justice and Modern Marvels on A&E and History Channel, i know..nerd and i want to be the 6th member of Danity Kane, if only i could sing and dance.... are tagged!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ladies Day at Sundance

So I attempted to snowboard today at Sundance.....I made it through the day only because I had an awesome instructor who happens to be one of my good friends!!! Now remember, I have not been on the slopes for over 6 years due to a Spinal Fusion I had back in 2001. So my goal today was to figure out a way I could fall without bending my titanium rod that holds my back together!!! Carrie was surprised how fast I was able to pick up on the basic skills, only because she usually only gets 1 or 2 runs down when she teaches... I was able to get the turning thing down by the end of my first run. I also have to say that I was able to make it off the lift without taking anyone or anything out on my way off! It was a glorious moment.

On our way up the second time good old Robert Redford butted in line to sit right in front of us on the lift. I guess he has every right because well, it is his resort! After we had a bite to eat for lunch we headed back up the mountain for another glorious ride. I admit, I had a few more spills this time due to a full tummy, but as I took a breather on my knees looking up the mountain, Robert Redford came swishing by. Sure that is great, but as we made eye contact all I could think about was how he probably though I looked like a complete idiot. Did I mention I was covered in snow and had a stupid smile on my face??? Oh well, I had a blast and was surprised how well I did. My bottom does not hurt but I am sure I will have discovered new muscles tomorrow!

Steve was pretty stoked that I went,thinking eventually I'll be good enough to keep up with him, but when I told him we shared the mountain with Robert Redford all he said was,"Did he give you an Indecent Proposal?" What a dork!