Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "almost 3rd trimester" energy boost

So i am 26 weeks this week and i am feeling great!! i am no longer dependant on B6 and unisom, although i may slip a uni here and there for a good night sleep, but who's keeping track????? Well it is almost 1 am and i am waiting for my drugs to kick in i thought i'd write about my "crafty-ness". For christmas i gave myself a sewing machine. Steve thought i was a total nerd for buying myself a sewing machine, but i have to say....i have used it quite a lot and i thought i'd show those who care what i have created......

I figured out how to make a nursing cover, granted it needs to be ironed and this white tin to put it in. I dolled it up a bit and figured it would be a great little package to keep it in.

i also figured out how to make those cute baby carseat covers...this one was a booger to figure out, but for an ameture, i am quite proud of myself!!!

I know, i am a huge nerd, but like i said, i have all this new found energy...i have to do something with it!!!

Oh...and speaking of nerds...my husband and some of his "boyfriends" are going to Wendover in March for March Madness and one of the requirements is that they all have to grow a mustache....thats right 3 weeks worth of growth!!! and they all have to wear jerseys. So far they are 1 week in to it. (steve shaped his beard into a nice go-tee this morning) I think all they need is a nice pair of "daisy dukes" and ladies...watch out!! I know my man is gone bring home a real winner...she may even have a better mustache than he does!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

30th Birthdays, "Ski Year to Rembembyr" and Road Trip

So here is what we've been up too.... One of Steve's good buddies turned 30 and the only way to celebrate was to rent out good old classic skating for a night of fun. To sum up the night....all my husband and his friends are still 13!!! Now the goal is to out do each-other's 30th. I can only imagine what Steve's will be like.....

Ski Year to Rembembyr was a ski trip to Sundance with the friends. The boys boarded for 2 days. Laker and i came up for one day and played in the snow and then headed home to make cookies and pack for our upcoming road trip

Ahh...the road trip. So we packed up the fam and headed to Cali, with a few stops on the way. We stoped in St. George to watch my brother play in a golf tourney for Dixie. It was freezing and Laker figured out how to climb out of his pack and play! Ii put him down for his usual nap and about 2 minutes later her came strolling out, plopped on the couch and grabbed the remote all why saying "hi" with a huge grin on his face. Lets just say, with a little creative thinking we barricaded him in and all was well!

Then we headed to Palm Springs to visit my grandparents. they are there for 6 weeks and of course up until the week we came they had 80 degree weather, but not for us! it was about 65, but it was warm enough for us to swim! Steve got to play golf and we just chilled.

From there is was off to LA to see Steve's brother Jay and his cute wife. We got rained out of universal studios, but we did get to go on the shrek ride and the studio tour.did i mention that Laker watched shrek 2 an 3 probably 30 times between the car ride down and hanging out...no joke! So now that we are home, he wants to watch shrek all the time. Saturday was better weather but not nearly warm enough to go to the beach so we hit up the promenade and watched the street performers. All in all it was fun to get away from home for a week, but i still think we need to go to mexico before Baby "O" is born!