Friday, March 27, 2009

Surprise Shower

So my cute girlfriends from my old neighborhood threw me a surprise shower last night. We get together once a month and have girls night but this time it was a shower! It was so much fun and what surprised me even more was that Steve was in on it....i know, i was shocked myself!! Thanks girls it was soo fun and the gifts were perfect!

As for what we have been up to, well not much. i have reached the 30 week mile stone and my doc said he was start "stripping" me at at 37 weeks!!!! Hoary, it worked with Laker so i am keeping my fingers crossed. I have yet to put a nursery together because Laker is still in his crib.....i know, but he has not tried to climb out so we still take 3-4 hour naps! I promise, we will move him out before baby O comes.
Laker gave me a great surprise the other day when he actually peed and pooped in his potty and than later that night peed again! It was a shock because i was thinking to myself 2 seconds before he did it that we will never get potty trained!!! It is just a start, we are by no means actively potty training, but we are trying to make it fun for him! My goal is one time on the potty every other day or so.......yeah right!

Here are some random but recent pics of my goof-balls!

Laker and Papa at jump on it for a birthday party
We have discovered the art of dressing ourself and finger paints.....i know, he looks like an orphan

Laker's "after nap" routine...watching Shrek on my bed with Bubba and no pants!

And how could i forget this gem....this is steve's trip to wendover. They had to grow mustaches and wear jerseys.....what a lovely bunch!!! Poor cody could not grow a mustache so he had to pay the penalty...which i won't say! Watch out ladies!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rachelli Party

So i had a Rachelli Party tonight and i am just letting those who care know that you can still order your super cute baby clothes at a discount price. Here is the website: All of the Classic Collection and Clearence section is $12!!!!!! plus if you buy 3 your get 1 FREE!!! and her new adorable monster collections is $18 for Onsies and $16.50 for Tees. So take a look and let me know if you want to place an order. My email is You have to place the order through me to get the party prices!!!! so go take a look and get some cute stuff for those little chumpers!