Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steve is asleep so ......

i guess i need to update my blog. Laker started pre school in the end of august and he loves it! We have been going to farm country at thanksgiving point quite a bit because he loves the pony ride. The kid breaks the bank cause he wont get off! its a dollar a ride....so i decided to take him to the barn and ride to his hearts content!!! we have been a few times and thanks to good old Sunchaser i don't have to walk around with him. Bless her heart, she just walks around the arena, nice and slow and he has a ball! i have also picked up a new "project"...this is my yearling that i am breaking! i am so excited about it. she is such a good girl already. Laker walks with me to her paddock and helps me bring her in to play with her. Come next spring i will put a first ride on her and then its time to grow up during the summer before i really start her training!

oakley is getting so big, where has the time gone??? she is already 3 1/2 months old. i forget how fast they grow, they are not newborns for very long. She is doing awesome, she loves her brother, it is so fun to watch them interact! oh did i mention laker loves being in his "nunees and boots"..

oh, steve has rediscovered guitar hero, he was supposed to be watching the baby and i found them like this...he is playing and she is watching!