Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sky Box for Ryan

So Ryan, one of our very best friends finished his Master's Program at the U last week and the one thing he wanted was a night out at Sky Box which happened to be the same night the Jazz spanked the Celtics. It was tons of fun, we sat in the back room of the restaurant with the ginormous screen. It was lots of fun....and so were all the drunks!!!

The girls lasted as long as we could before we busted out and hit the mall. The Jazz game was fun but March Madness????? Kill me now!

Ah...Steve is in heaven!!

Dirty Days

Now that the weather is warming up, the dogs are outside all day......yeah!!!! and Laker thinks that or should I say. just knows that he needs to be outside. That boy loves being outside...just walking around, pick up stuff and of course...getting dirty. Now as a mom you just cringe when you see you "sheltered all winter" little chumper get down and dirty for the first time, although I will admit, it was pretty funny. I just have to remind myself that kids are washable!!! Here is a picture documentation of our little adventure!

After Laker woke from his afternoon nap he was feeling.....mischievous. So I thought to myself, why not let him get into trouble outside, at least he could not break anything.

Well as you can see, he found something to get into...dirt and rocks. He would pick up gravel one piece at a time and bring it to me and then go back to the same spot and grab another. I think a handful of dirt and gravel made it to his mouth...what do you think??

Then Bubs and Maisy had to help out, of course...It is amazing to see what entertains a 15 month old!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am going on TV!!!

So I will be going on the "Good Things Utah" morning show tomorrow...March 17th to promote a little business that I started. The show is live and is on at 10am on Channel 4. This should be interesting!!!!! I hope I don't look like an idiot!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a slacker!!!

I know, for those of you who keep up on us, which I am sure is few and far between.....I have been a slacker on my blogging! So let me fill you in on what we have been up to.

The Great Flood
The last week of February was an exciting one. We had the pleasure of receiving all of our neighbors "spring run-off". Steve and I spent the entire weekend defending our basement with pumps, trenched and wet vacs... needless to say, we won and thank goodness Steve is a landscaper or we could have been screwed! I must say, we have the best drainage system in all The Ranches!!

The Last Brother.....

Steve and I had the great pleasure of attending his older brother wedding in LA. This was not just any wedding, this was the LAST brother...nay, sibbling of Steve's to tie the knot and just shy of his 30th b-day. Last weekend had to be one of the funnest "quick trips" we have ever done, and we have done a few....Boston, Vegas and now LA. All of Steve's brothers and sisters were there and those Mortensen's come from all over. He's got a sister in Texas, Utah and Michigan, which will soon be Virginia. As for the boys, 3 in Utah including us, Florida, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Missouri and of course, our beloved Jay in LA. since most of us flew in from Utah we had the pleasure of picking everyone up from the airport in the "fun bus"...the 15 seater van. What a riot, it was a blast, but to top it off, Tina, (our Garmin navigator) made sure we arrived at all of our wedding destinations in safety, even if she had to "re-calculate" a few times....sorry Tina!

The wedding was great, they were sealed in the LA Temple, had a luncheon by the beach and to top it off, they had a Maria-chi Band at the reception. they were the best because they downed a case of Bud Light in front of the house before they had to "perform". Jay's wife, Marisa is a convert to the church and has a very latin family. The reception was a blast, how could in not be...excellent food, family and of course, the entertainment!! We love her to death and are excited to have complete the Mortensen circle!!! I'll post some pics when they circulate through the family. Me being the fantastic blogger that I am forgot my camera.....

Laker's Lazy Days

Now that everything is almost back to normal, Laker and I hung out on the couch all catch up from the day light savings of course!!! We did not take him to California so when we got back, he looked so much bigger to me and we were gone for 3 days.