Monday, July 20, 2009

Carseat Covers

Before i had Oakley I caught the "sewing bug". I made myself some nursing covers (which was a waste since nursed for like a minute), a few carseat covers and changing pads. Now that we are out and about doing our daily routine, I get stopped at least twice a day by women asking me about my carseat cover. So I have decided to sell them. Here are a few that I have made, some for friends, anyways, if you or someone you know is interested leave me a comment or email me at . They will start at $40 for carseat covers, $20 for nursing covers and $25 for changing pads. Also, there is a pic of some fabrics I have at the moment

Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 Weeks and the 4th of July!

For the 4th we went to the Children's Discovery Garden at Thanksgiving Point. We met my mom, stocked up on snacks (which we smuggled in...) and headed over. Laker had such a great time. he loves water, at home we have kiddie pool that he lives in!!! the routine at home is to strip down naked and splash, pee and play all day. We had to keep reminding Laker that that we have to keep our thomas undees on. It was so fun, just to sit and watch him play. Oakley hung out with Nana while we wondered through the garden and played in the tunnels. It was soo much fun! That night we headed over to "The Culdesac of Fire". It was so fun, they had the "Bonus Brothers" come and perform, a few dance numbers and of course fire works. It was great!

Oakley is officially 6 weeks old! My how time flys!! She is such a good baby and she is starting to sleep through the night. she is a creature of routine for sure, she is on a 3-4 hour feeding schedule, then is awake for about 30 min after eating and then down for the count till her tummy wakes her up. Laker is a really good big brother. He is finally calling her Sis Oaky instead of sisy anne, which we have not a clue where it came from even though her middle name is anne, we never told him that.... he likes to help me change her bum and feed her and his favorite this is to give her kisses and stroke her face while saying "awwe". It is soo funny. all in all life is pretty good with 2 so far. We also got Oakley's newborns pics back, my good friend Britty did them, there is a link to her website on our blog but she does such an awesome job!!!! here are some of the pics!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mortensen Family Reunion

Sorry for being a slacker, but we have been busy!!! Last week was the Mortensen Family Reunion. Typically it falls every 3 years, but this one came a year early...only because Steve's Parents are leaving in September to serve another mission, this time they are going to South Africa!!! We are so excited for them and are hoping we can make a trip there when they are finished.

Anyways, the reunion kicked off with all of the boys golfing, they play as many holes as they can fit in, and i was the lucky one who got to feed them all lunch, did I mention there are 8 boys, plus his dad and cousin that played???? It was great!

Saturday we headed up to Aspen Grove for a whole week. There were 62 Mortensen's up there!!! and that is just Steve's brothers and sisters and their kids. We actually were missing one, my nephew, Mac. He is doing his Basic Training for the Army. We had a great time, all the kids split off into their age groups and were gone all day. Laker had a great time with his cousins in his group and it was nice to have a break!!! Oakley was a champ!!! she slept great and just hung out. I could not do much because of our 3-4 hour schedule, but we did manage to hike to the waterfalls. I wrapped her in my Moby Wrap (which is awesome by the way!) and Steve hauled her up the mountain, she slept the whole way. all in all we had a great time and of course each night was filled with card games...rook, mormon bridge, texas holdem, you name it, we played it! Steve and his brothers dominated in the basketball tournaments as well as water b-ball. Actually it was a pick up game amongst the bro which turned out to be a major brawl. It was hilarious to watch. the lifeguard on duty awarded them the most ferocious game of water ball, but highlighted the point that they don't "encourage" this behavior, but she was not about to interrupt!!! It was great! So get ready for the pics!!! There is a few, oh, on a side note, for those of you who commented, and thank you...I ended up drying up while we were up there...not on purpose but i was not able to pump for 12 hours and that pretty much did it for me. It hurt like hell and i was soo lopsided you could tell from a mile a way, but i'll tell you what, i felt soo much better the next day. I lasted 5 weeks...thats better than nothing. Now i can enjoy my baby instead of stressing and being in pain, plus steve can help with the feedings even though she is going 6-7 hours through the night!!!