Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now you see you don't!

Laker has a tendancy to rub his hands through his hair durring every meal. Well the other day we had Cheereos for breakfast. I thought i cleaned him up real nice, but I discovered a straggeler AFTER he woke up from his 5pm that day! Amazing. It even lasted through playing at the park with his dad and Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point! That is one magic Cheereo!!

What we've been up to......

So I am getting a lot of crap for not up dating my blog as often as some think i should.So here is last week. To start, Steve and I got a house and will be closing next wednesday. Yeah!!! All I can say is we got the deal of the century, even if it means moving to Orem.I don't have pics...soon enough!!!!

Last weekend was jammed packed full of fun. Friday, Steve and I went to see Brian Regan with my brother and his girl friend Jenna. It was so fun and he was hillarious!! There was 4000+ people cramed in to the Thanksgiving Point Ampatheater. He sold out Friday night so they add 2 shows eariler that week. It took us 45 min to get in and park and 1 hour to get from the parking lot to the freeway, but it was worth it!

Saturday, Steve had to go to the Rockwell Charter High School Open House in the Ranches. His company didi the landscaping and they paid them a tribute. It was fun to see everything finished. They were able to landscape the school in 2 weeks!!! Everyone was really impressed with what they had done. We also took took the boat to the lake that afternoon. It has been a while since we've done that and boy was it great! Laker Boy even swam around with his moma! The water was great for me and Steve, but everyone else had to deal with the ruff stuff.

Sunday we headed up the canyon for a little Sunday BBQ with Clayton and Annalisa. The boys threw the ball around. Bubs explored and the boys were facinated with the bridge! It was nice to just get out and away from everything! Did I mention we were the only white people up there....and it was packed. Those Latins really know how to have a good time. There was a large gruop up the hill from us and thier kids would come barreling down this steep hill on thier skateboards. Did i tell you that these kids were probably 5???

Monday Steve's mom and dad got back from thier 6 week, 8100 mile road trip! When you have 11 kids spread across the country, you've got to just get in the car and drive... We kept expecting a call from his mom to say she'd had enough of being with Taylor and that she would be waiting at the airport for us to come get her, but that never happened. They made it home safely and still married! I also went to Raging Water with my cousins and thier kids. I got Annalisa to go with me too. It was soo fun depite that fact that i literally skinned my but going down the kiddy slides. It still hurts to sit down and its pretty much Thursday! It was a blast. Laker and I had a great time in the wave pool and no, we are no pansies. We got pummeled wave after wave and Laker laughed through the whole thing! That night I went out with some of my good friends from our old neighbor hood. We went out for ice cream and caught up on things. I really can't complain, I was the only one who has just one kid. Jana has a4 year old and twin baby boys, Heidi has 2 year old twin girls and Morgan has a 3 year old and a 20 month old. We got a little crazy as the night went one. So much, that we caught the attention of a few wanders, for lack of a better word. I guess that is what you can expect in the Smiths parking lot at 11 o' clock at night....

Tomorrow we head up to Deer Valley for the weekend with my whole family. I am sure I'll procrastinate telling every one about it but i think only 6 people actually read our blog....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 that you???

So Steve and I spent the weekend in Moab with our good friends, Ryan and Britany. We are both celebrating our 6 yr anniversary so why not spend it on the river??? We were planning to go WHITE water rafting, but it turned out to be a smooth ride ALL day!!! We new we were in for it when the geriatrics ward showed up fully clothed and with canes. Even though we never encountered a true rapid we still had a blast. Our "guide" was straight from Napoleon Dynamite. You could say that he looked and sounded just like Napoleon with a twist of Kip. It was awsome!!! The poor guy had no idea what he signed up with both our husbands on are some of the pictures and all can say is some need explaining.....

Steve and I totally pumped for the big river trip!!!

Steve and Ryan also showing their enthusiasm for the river....i think?

We all eventually sank in the sand up to our thighs...need I say more

Steve wishing he was this tall

One of our favorite the background...can't miss the "Frenchie" in all his glory!!!

Us girls in the river, anything an inch below the surface disappeared...keep your mouth closed!

Saturday was my birthday so we found the nicest place in town....keep in mind we are still in Moab.... and had dinner. It was an old place on top of a cliff that looked a little iffy, but the food and the view was amazing!

Steve and Ryan forgot to put sunscreen in some places and boy did they pay!

Sunday we went into Arches to enjoys long as it was no more than 100 yards round trip of course. What do you expect, it was 110 degrees!!!

We did do some climbing but the kids in the picture don't do it justice...