Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 posts in 1 month!

Look at me! 2 posts in one month, dare I say there may be 3.... So Steve and I went to Hawaii back in November with our good friends, The Dastrup's. It was a riot! We spent a whole week in Kona and enjoyed every minute of it! It was quite the adventure getting there, but hey...after a few extra plane rides and a night in Maui, we made it!!

Yes...i am fully aware of the random man with wicked sideburns on his legs! As I was looking thru all our photos of the trip I realized that we took a few pics of random people doing random, yet memorable things....Lol! Sorry if this is anybody's relative, but it was too good to pass up!

Laker turned 4 in December and celebrated with many dragons...If you know my child you will know that he LOVES dragons! It was fun, I cant believe how fast they grow up. And yes, Oakley is still a red head with a pretty rad mullet!

I still have my horse that I am proud to say that I am now riding! I have put about 7 or 8 rides on her and she is doing great. I got her as a yearling and she is now 2 turning 3 this year. She is doing amazing and i would have a picture of this, but its a little hard to take a picture while riding....

Steve is busy gearing up for a new year with Landscaping, i am going to miss my "Winter Steve", but i know he always come back around November... if any of my readers need pest control, fertilizing, landscaping or maintenance services (all three of you..) leave me a comment! He is the best in town!!

On another note, check out my sewing blog to see what i did over the weekend...It freakin rocks!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I know, I know...

ok, so i am well aware that is has been over year since my last post, but lets be honest, I think 3 people actually read it, or did read it. I promise I will catch up, we have had one hell of a year, to say it nicely...but here is to 2011! If we made it thru last year we can make it thru just about anything. No we did not have marriage issues, we just had a lot of crap stuff happened mixed in with some fun stuff. I created another blog to follow me on a new "adventure" and I just wanted to let you all know! So check it out and tell me what you think....www.thesewingnerd.blogspot.com