Monday, December 14, 2009

Catch up from Oct...because all my pictures are still on my camera

So this is what we have been up to since October.....i know, i already know that i am the worst blogger ever, and so do my 2 faithful followers!!!!

i love this pic because Laker really wants to be just like his dad...undees and all!

Laker and Ocean hanging out
Picking out our pumpkins which we never got around to carving...i know parents of the year!!!

Steve and i went as Popeye and Olive Oyl to our neighborhood party, and Laker was a dragon while Oaks was a unicorn!

At the friend halloween party Steve and i went as "Octo-mom" and paparazzi.... as you can see thekids were not the only ones having fun!

So back in november one of steve's workers had his son with him doing some work, and i thought...hey just leave him here with Laker and i and they can just play while you work. Great idea right...did i mention i don't speak a lick of spanish and he speaks ZERO english. No big deal, he and laker seemed to be ale to communicate, but what happens when you get 2 kids that think they can talk to each other....well look for your self. this happened in a matter of 15 minutes!!!!

So i promise to get my camera cleared off so i can be "current" on our life.......