Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is the Place!

On monday Laker and I went to This is the Place with my cousins, their kids and my aunts. It was soo much fun. It was hot, but it was worth it!

Laker resting on the pioneers bed

Laker petting the cow...he actually gave the cow kisses and there might have been some tongue....

Catching some shade with my mom's sister's Barb, Jo and Patty

Laker and I getting our lessons in for the day

In the last month we..........

So i have been quit the slacker when it comes to keep up the old blog, so here what we have been up to in the last month.
Our house sold and we moved out of Eagle Mountain. We are now staying with Steve's parents until we can find a house. We were set on building, but with all the lending "lock down" we figure it is easier to buy, sit on it for a few years and make a little money IF the market ever rebounds.

White Trash weekend!
A few weekends ago we decided to go camping with our good friends Clayton and Annalisa. We ditched the kids and headed up AF canyon for an adventure. We snagged the tent trailer.....the best invention ever and a little white trash like, but oh do we love that thing, packed up our precious things and hit the road. Annalisa and I made some spectacular tinfoil dinners...flank stake and all and boy were they delicious!!!

We had everything ready to go, we had the trailer, the dog, food and off we went. On our way up to the canyon we remembered we needed firewood. The last time we attempted this Clayton and Steve spent most the time dragging trees out of the woods to start a fire. We ended up using random papers in the trucks to keep warm, with the occasional live tree that smoked us out. We did not eat until 10pm!!! Unfortunately we were not the only ones who thought it would be a great weekend to go camping. All the stores and gas stations were out of wood. Lucky for us we have cheap husbands. Instead of being price gouged by the "camp director", we stopped at the mouth of the canon were the river meets the cedar hills golf course. We pulled down to the bank all white trash like and loaded the back of the truck up with drift wood. I am not talking about a few sticks, I mean full tree trunks and 2x4's that had washed down the river!!! We have no shame!

After we gathered our wood it was 7:59pm. Now the canyon closes at 8 and after 8 you don't have to pay to get in. People were parked on the side of the road waiting to get up the canon for free, but since it was pretty much 8 we headed on up. To our surprise there was a line at the toll both and we were not about to turn around with old betsy on the back (that is what steve call the trailer). So a car in front of us pulls out to the side of the cars and drives up to the both, so naturally...steve follows. Come to find out it is the Canyon Pass lane, the car ahead of us flashed his golden ticket and drives on. Now we have no pass and no way to turn around, so what do we do, steve pulls a sweet move and gives the booth girl, who had to be 17, a nod and some hand gesture and keeps driving. It was soo funny, he looked at her and gave the old loop d' loop sign. Now as we pass these poor suckers sitting in line to pay the booth girl gives steve this look as if she were disappointed in the decision we just made. The best part was once we pulled out of line to pass, about 10 cars followed! The was no stopping any of us!!!! Oops We figured next time we'll just hold up a banana or a VISA....

We made it up to the Granite Flats campground which just happened to be full. We had no reservation but at this point nothing was gonna stop us. But we lucked out and found a spot that was reserved for the following day so the "camp director" let us hunker down for the night. We had the best spot, it was right by the river, no neighbors and the bathrooms were DOWN wind of us. It was so much fun!

The next morning we went up to silver lake. We had the privilege of watching the real white trash folks fish from their lawn chairs while drinking their beers, they did not even hold the fishing poles, they had holders stuck into the ground to hold the poles for them. Talk about the lazy getting lazier!!!! The best part was that it was 9 in the morning. Bubs had a great time swimming in the lake and scarring all the fish, he is such a water dog! All in all we had a great time and now Clayton wants to go camping every weekend. I think old betsy stole his heart!

Steve and I at Silver Lake...with the white trash fishers behind was awesome!
Clayton and Annalisa

The gang...and old betsy in the back

The boys being their normal selves

Bubs in the lake fetching his ball

Steve and Bubs